Train your parents to get you a Drum Set

Drum Shopping with Cody Cash


Your objective is to get a drum set. You THINK that your parents will not go for it. Not only do they think it’s loud, expensive and takes up a lot of space but THEY MAY NOT SEE THE BENEFITS to your long-term well-being.

How do you convince your parents to not only buy you a drum set but also to help set it up and encourage you to practice every day?

Here are some techniques we used to get our parents to buy, build and encourage practice of a drum set. >>>

Drums with DJ D’Evelyn


Step one. Visualize what you really want.

Step two.  Do a search on your shopping site whether you like Amazon or Google or something else for DRUMS. Search for electric drums, beginner drums and traditional band style drums. This makes your Search Engine pop up related Drum ads all the time. If you have access to your parents’ computer, do a search for “best drums” on their computer. They will start seeing ads for drums.

Step three.  Start banging on everything with rhythm. Try not to break anything. You’re showing your parents that you want to drum. That you are excited about the possibilities.

Step four. Get your parents to watch the documentary on Justin Bieber. The first one called “Never Say Never”. This shows that he started his musical career by playing drums. It is also a parent friendly look at a musician’s rise to fame.

Step five. Find articles about how music encourages brain development in young people.

Step six. Subscribe to YouTube channels on how to play drums. Start learning and mention what you are learning often.


Go to a music store or shop online for a drum set that fits your goals. We bought the Alesis Nitro Kit and love it.

Print pictures of the instrument you want and post it in your room, on your notebooks and on the fridge. Visualize what you really want and work to make it happen.

Best of luck!

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